Super Bowl 51 Recap

Going into Super Bowl 51, sports writers told us a story of a show-down between the Donald Trump loving Tom Brady + Bill Belichick combo against NFL MVP Matt Ryan and a Muslim member of his offence named Mohamed, for some reason.

This angle was enough to convince the majority of casual fans from my predominantly left twitter following to root for the Falcons as they served their avocado dip recipe from the latest O magazine, and settled on the sofa for 3 riveting hours of commercial watching.

The game was played in Houston, Texas.

The Falcons came out on fire:

There they go…

At the half, the score was 21-3 Atlanta.

In the dressing room the Falcons played Ludacris greatest hits featuring Chingy.

Lady Gaga performed. (No photo available).

The Falcons led 28-3 midway through the 3rd quarter.

Doubt set in.


*insert amateur wordpress blogger mandatory inspirational Steve Jobs quote*

The Patriots started coming back.

Momentum mounts in the Patriots favor. The ball begins bouncing their way.

“The bobble”

The Patriots score 19 points in the 4th quarter, including back to back 2 point conversions off touch downs, sending the game to overtime.

Joe Buck announces this is the first overtime in Super Bowl history. (I fact-checked this statement via google. Patriotsgal69.blogspot confirms Buck’s statement.)

The Patriots win the coin toss by choosing ‘heads’.

In other news, two-headed quarter from the White House coin collection has been reported missing.

Brady architects game winning drive completing 10 straight passes.

The Patriots win.

Terry Bradshaw gets really excited and shouts things.


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