5 Days In May

“They met in a hurricane, standing in the shelter, out of the rain – she tucked a note into his hand.”

Blue Rodeo fans know what I’m talking about!!

Blue Rodeo’s 5 Days in July album, released in 1993, and promptly ordered by my dad through his Columbia House album subscription (remember those sweet ass little magazines??) became a staple of my childhood; playing on camping trips to Pippy Park, whilst hosting friends at get-togethers, or even just random Tuesday nights spinning loudly through the family stereo while I played Wheel of Fortune on the nearby computer and my dad read his latest John Grisham thriller, after Jim Van Horne had announced the sports news on the giant floor model TV (it was a middle class life: the music room, TV room, and computer room was the same room – and it was a GREAT room!).

The Cuddy-Keelor connection is timeless, and to this day remains a musical choice to satisfy any social situation, 24 years later. Time glides through the wind, doesn’t it?

I still play the 5 Days in July album on the reg. Every song is dynamite. Album favs include the opener “5 Days in May” (when I was a kid I thought the opening lyrics were “Black man in a hurricane” and would sing it at the top of my lungs at social gatherings sprinkled around Newfoundland, embarrassing myself, and making my sister laugh), the classic “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”, the beautifully written “Til I Gain Control Again” (the lyrics of which I once wrote out and emailed to a lover – it’s true!), and the love ballad closer “Know Where You Go/Tell Me Your Dream” which remains my favorite song on the record, all 13 minutes of it.

The album art is also fantastic:

5 days in July

A goal of mine is to frame all my favorite album covers for a music room to be named at a later date (I don’t own property, so this is something my self help books refer to as: A Long Term Goal).

The 5 Days In July cover will most definitely be a part of that collection. A classic record and a classic cover. That’s the formula I’m looking for.

I’d like to keep the collection Canadian if possible, so some other albums I’ve been mulling over include the Jagged Little Pill record (also because it holds a funny story in Duffett family lore), Joel Plaskett’s “Three”, The Hip’s “Road Apples”, Arkells “High Noon” (I already have this one because I won it in a Strombo Show contest – thanks George! Sorry about the HNIC gig), and maybe something from Neil Young. I don’t know – I’m still honing my musical tastes and have plenty left to learn and explore.

I read a stat that said the average person stops developing their music taste (i.e. seeking new music/artists) at the age of 27. It’s funny: that’s when I started! I guess I’m behind my time. I’ve always been a late bloomer – in every way, shape, and form – a fact that which my high school girlfriends can attest. (There weren’t many).

Anyway, this was supposed to be a post about food and turned into a post about musicy stuff. I have a 4 day weekend coming up starting TODAY, hence the title and then the Blue Rodeo tangent.

The BRD Post is evolving, folks. Here’s my vision for this average ass blog: short little musings on everyday life, combined with the occasional sports related rant/video when the mood strikes.

What I’m working on:

  • In March I accepted a job with an organization called Wildsight. Check out their great work at the website.
  • BRD Accounting is gaining momentum. It’s my little accounting business I run on the side. Check me out, here.
  • I’m writing a blog post titled “How To Grow Your Business Network When You’re A Shy, Type B, Introvert.” Taking what I’ve learned over the past 10 years and slapping business school in the face with it. To cure writers block, they say “write what angers you”. Well, here’s mine. Look for that post in the near future.
  • I’m writing a blog post titled “Be A Quitter”. It’s about the value of leaving shit in the dust when it’s bringing you down, and flies against the conventional wisdom I was taught as a kid. Look for that post in the near future.
  • I’m watching season 2 of Master of None on Netflix. Highly recommended.
  • I’m watching round 3 of the NHL playoffs, and of course, the Blue Jays.

Happy May 24th weekend!

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

(I’m trying to develop my own little token send-off, but until I do I will borrow classics from the world of popular culture. 100 bonus points if you name who said the above quote. Hint: every shitty blog/business site has at least half a dozen quotes from this person. This blog is proudly, no different.)



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