Hello reader, follower, general interested person, or internet robot.  

This website is the personal blog of Bryan Duffett (that’s me). Here you’ll find a collection of my writing, photos, videos, experiences, advice, and thoughts. I enjoy having a platform to share my work. In the past I’ve written things that gained modest attention from readers and as a result I was asked to take part in fun activities. Activities like public speaking, writing gigs, comedy & music events, and exciting charity work. I’ve learned from experience that such activities get my blood flowing and heart beating. It’s my goal to be involved with more work like that in the future.

In addition to my creative side, I’m a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) with my own financial accounting business: BRD Accounting. I provide cloud based accounting solutions to businesses both small and large. I’m available for hire to provide accounting/business expertise.

For any professional and/or creative inquiries please email: bryanduffett@gmail.com.